‘Somebody’ Isn’t Going To Communicate Your Need For You

This is a guest post from my great friend Casey Graham. Casey is the CEO and founder of The Rocket Company. His book, Fundraising Rocket, can be found online at Amazon.com and fundraisingrocket.com.


When natural disasters strike, I get a lot of messages. People text me, tweet me, Facebook me, email me, etc. At some point in the message or conversation, I inevitably read this phrase: “Somebody should raise money for these people in need.”

Honestly, I think most people are hoping that I’ll raise the money. And I’m okay with that. I feel honored that people think of me when they become aware of big needs. But for a lot of reasons, it’s not always possible. So, I typically respond with a short and simple question:

Why don’t YOU raise the money?

Awesome Creative Opportunity For Churches

Four years ago God laid something in our lap that we have been developing and has turned out to be one of the coolest and most rewarding things we’ve done with churches since we started in 2003. We simply refer to it as Long Term Partnerships.


The way it started was one of the coolest churches I’ve ever been around, Venture Church in MS lost their full time video/media/designer guy. They were already in the habit of outsourcing some things, knew us from some other connections and called to ask if we’d be interested in trying to make it work. We had already been working on a similar arrangement with another client and everything fell right in to place. Today, four years later, it’s been one of the most rewarding things we’ve ever done, we’ve worked with tons of churches across the country, and all of them, as well as us here at Big Picture Media, couldn’t be happier.

It has been so amazing in fact that we are moving some resources around and are excited to open four new slots for potential church partners who can start in January of 2015. So here are the nuts and bolts:

  1. For about the same or even less than it would cost for you to hire a full time media/video/communications person, you can partner with us here at Big Picture Media to take care of all your media needs. That can include print, design, communication, social media and video production.
  2. You now have not one single guy, but access to our entire team of video producers, writers, designers and all around creatives who bring well over 50 years of high level creative experience to the table.
  3. We come in and participate with all of your high level creative planning every month, helping you to shape, brand and plan everything from big events to your monthly message series and everything in between.
  4. Our long term partnership clients who have had full time media people on staff say that we produce 3-5 times as much content as they did for the same amount of money, an amazing boost in productivity. This is due to our years of experience, our efficiency and the high level systems we have in place.
  5. By entering into partnership with us, you can leapfrog ahead 2-5 years in the quality of your media and go from where you are now to the highest level of excellence immediately – no learning curve, no training an inexperienced person.
  6. Our goal while partnering with you is to work ourselves out of a job. We usually work with each partner for 18-24 months and during that time help them grow so that when we’re done they can hire a full time person and carry on from there. This includes leading them to put great systems in place, training high level volunteers and building in patterns that will result in great end products.
  7. You save tens of thousands of dollars on equipment because we already have it all. Cameras, lights, audio gear, green screens, editing systems and software.
  8. We partner for 12 months at a time and offer some pricing options from the full blown partnership that we’re talking about here to some smaller setups if that’s more appropriate for your church. We’ve very flexible and accommodating.
  9. We are all about quality, not quantity, which is why we’re only opening four new slots. We limit our number of clients so that each one gets the maximum amount of attention from us. We want to hit home runs with a select few, not singles and doubles with the masses.
  10. Samples of our work are at the bottom of this post and include things like video announcements, message series bumpers, baptism story videos, missions vids, banners, signage, At The Movies, year in review vids, vision vids, training vids, special worship elements, videos for your age group ministries, tv and print ads, social media consulting…the list is virtually endless.

What are the requirements for your church to be a long-term partner with Big Picture Media?

  1. To fit into the cost structure we’re talking about here, and because we’re on site with you so much, ideally you need to be within a half a day’s travel from Birmingham, AL where we are located. By car that means pretty much anywhere in AL, GA, MS or TN. By plane, most anyhwere in the eastern half of the US, especially if you are near a Southwest destination city. We can actually do this anywhere in the country, but outside this region the cost will go up a little bit depending on where you are.
  2. You have to have a clear vision and a commitment to excellence in communications so as to fully utilize what we’re bringing to the table for you.
  3. Must be a gospel-centered church committed to seeing lives changed.
  4. You have to be large enough to be able to afford a full time media person. In other words, if you’re a church plant running 150, this is going to be out of reach for you. I’d say you need to be about 350-500 at least.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.56.46 PM

In case you’re not familiar with us, you may be wondering ‘who is Big Picture Media?’ Easy. The two main people you would be creating with are:

Mark Clement | Founder & CEO Mark has over 15 years of experience on pastoral staff and has worked with over 300 churches of every possible description across the country in his 11 years with Big Picture Media. He is often the creative go-to guy for organizations like The Rocket Company, Generis, Cogun, Compassion, Vanderbloemen Search, RSI, NavPress, ChildFund, LIVE Design, Churchplanters.com and many others.

Scott Ross | Creative Director Scott was one of the founding members of All Things To All People and for years was the creative director for Student Life. Scott’s energy, passion and enthusiasm for the local church is unmatched and he is considered one of the best ‘idea men’ in the business.

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity please contact Mark Clement HERE. If you know of a church that may be interested please pass this info along. Our existing partners say their ministries have been drastically impacted by Big Picture Media. What can we do for you?

This is part of an outreach campaign we did for this church around reaching their city.

These are video announcements that can be used in worship, on website, around your campus on screens, on Facebook and Twitter, etc…

This video was used on Easter. Band (including worship leader in the video) did the song live along with the video, then when it ended the entire congregation joined in as they sang the chorus over and over. Very powerful. 

This is a baptism testimonial video played right before this girl was baptized. Great way to share inspirational stories and promote baptism. 

This is a bumper for a message series.

What Is Your Idea Worth

What is your idea worth? Absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. An idea alone is simply that, an idea. And trust me, everyone has them.


The only thing that makes an idea valuable is work. Time doesn’t do it. Thinking about it real hard doesn’t do it. Talking about it endlessly doesn’t do it. Only work adds value. 

Why You Should Use Online Video For Most Training

It’s Sunday afternoon. You’re exhausted from a very busy Sunday morning. The last thing you want to do is drag yourself off the couch, change out of your sweats, and head up to the church for a training class.


The corporate and academic worlds have been conducting training via video for years, but as usual, churches have been pretty slow to adapt to this new way of doing things. If your church is not using video to do most of your basic training, you might just be missing a HUGE opportunity to save time, to save money, and to increase attendance.

6 Ways To Make Your Creative Staff Love You

Married people fight about money. Pastors and creative staff fight about time. The main reason for this is that most pastors and admin types don’t really appreciate the amount of time it takes to create the beautiful videos, copy and images that your creative people whip up for you.


So to help alleviate that tension, here are 6 things you can do to improve how you work with your creative staff.