I’m excited to be part of the amazing line up of speakers for this really special online event coming up this summer on July 22nd! Click the image or the link below to sign up today! It will be a game changer for your church’s communication.

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Date: July 22, 2015
Time: 11:00-05:00 p.m.
Event: Foundations Conference
Topic: Developing A Communication Strategy
Venue: On Line
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

The Myth Of ‘Worship Flow’ And 7 Ways You Can Be OK With That

One of the things I do as a communications coach is to help church staff figure out how to make the most of the hour every Sunday when they have a captive audience. How do we communicate the most important information AND create a meaningful worship and teaching experience in 60 minutes?


There are a lot of elements to cram in there. In no particular order we have preaching/teaching, worship/music, offering, announcements, bumpers/videos, baptism, prayer, meet/greet, and a hundred other possible options on any given Sunday.  Not only do we have to fit them in but in what order should they go? It wouldn’t necessarily be so hard to figure this out except for one little nagging phrase – ‘worship flow’. Well let me make your next worship planning meeting a whole lot easier – ‘worship flow’ is a myth.

8 Ways Your Church Can Save Thousands Of Dollars Right Now How I Saved A Church $50,000 In Just 7 Hours

Over the last decade+ I have worked with literally hundreds of churches across the US in almost every single state and there is one thing every single one of them has in common – they are wasting thousands and thousands of dollars every single year.


Wastefulness is not reserved for the large or wealthy churches. It is happening everywhere, across all denominations, styles and sizes. 

#1 Social Media Question From Pastors Should The Pastor Have Separate Social Media Accounts From The Church?

When it comes to social media it seems there is an endless list of decisions we as church leaders could or should make. But the social media question I get asked more than any other is this: Should I as the pastor (or any staff member) have separate accounts from the church?


Truthfully there is no right or wrong answer here.  But if you’re asking me, my answer is YES! Let me tell you why.