Overcoming Objections To Great Communication: Attention Span

The common thought that people today have short attention spans is a myth. The truth is people pay all kinds of attention to what they care about and what demands their attention.


The most ADD preteen boy (definition of short attention span) will sit for hours playing a video game because it’s what he cares about.

Overcoming Objections To Great Communication: Time

When it comes to communication, it’s easy to find reasons not to be great at it. Having coached hundreds of leaders over the years I hear the same excuses over and over again, and the #1 excuse/reason/objection I hear is “I don’t have enough time.”


The reality is that if you don’t put the necessary communication time in up front you will likely put just as much time, maybe even more, into it at the last minute.

What People Wish Their Pastors Knew About Church – eBook Release!

When I left church staff in 2003 and became a regular person again I experienced a monumental paradigm shift in the way I viewed church. It was a game-changer for me. My eyes were opened to the fact that there was a huge communication gap between those on the stage and those facing the stage.

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In the eleven years since I’ve dedicated my life to helping to bridge that gap. Having been on staff, now sitting in the seats, and working with churches across the country as a communications specialist, I have a unique insight into both sides of this issue. I’m excited to share these game changing discoveries with every church leader in the hopes that it will help them better and more effectively communicate with their people.