The Art Of Planning Ahead

How To Get Out Of The Weeds

If your church or organization isn’t planning ahead at least 6-8 weeks at all times, you’re already behind. How’s that for an opening line?

Looking through binoculars

For most of you who are reading this right now, you know I’m talking to you. If your calendar, your life, your schedule, your teams feel like complete chaos and stress, the likely culprit is a lack of planning. And as the leader, that is 100% your fault. So what can you do about it? 

5 Things Every New Communication Director Needs To Do

This Job Is Way Bigger Than You Think

So far this week we’ve talked about How To Find A Communications Director and What Skills A Communication Director Needs. So now that you’ve found this awesome person (or you are this awesome person), what are the first things you should do?


There are tons of little things that you’ll be needing to do and some are more obvious than others. But I want to give you five big things that are super important. The first two are very practical and the other three are more big picture, but together they are the five most important things you need to be doing. 

6 Skills Every Communication Director Needs

In yesterday’s post we talked about how to find a great communication director for your church. Due to the mad retweet love it’s obvious this is something many of you are either currently dealing with or at least thinking about.

communication skill set

Today I want to go a step farther and talk to you about the skill set that person needs to be successful long term.

How To Find A Communication Director For Your Church

The Solution May Be Closer Than You Think

Having a dedicated communication person on a church staff is still a relatively new thing. But in our world of 24/7 news cycles, social media, streaming video and smart phones it is becoming more and more of a necessity – and not just for the biggest churches.


Even many medium and smaller churches are starting to recognize that they need someone manning this post at all times, even if it’s a volunteer or a part time position at first. The challenge is that by and large these are unchartered waters for churches and highly qualified applicants can be few and far between. So how do you find that right fit for your church? 

The 5 Problems Facing Most Churches

And How To Solve Them

It’s easy for church leaders to get enamored with the big mega churches that always seem to be killing it. We look at them and think ‘man, it must be great not to have any problems.’ Intellectually we know this isn’t really true, but we see all that they are doing and it’s easy to get sucked into that way of thinking.


And while there’s no such thing as a church with no problems, the truth is that the ones that are most effective have found a way to consistently overcome the main problems that face all churches. I’ve worked with the ones who are successful and the ones that seem to be struggling and I have discovered 5 key things that separate the two, and how the successful churches have overcome these problems.