8 Keys To Great Communication In Your Church

One of the things that churches ask us about more than anything else is what they need to do to have great communication. Obviously that can be a long answer, but there are some keys that must be in place above everything else. Below is a quick video where I walk through the 8 Keys every church needs to put in place to have great communication. After you watch the video, I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Here’s my question for you: what is the single biggest challenge your church has when it comes to communication?


When it comes to social media strategy, your goal as a church should not be to compete with your community, but to complete your community.

- Brian K. Dodd

Overcoming Objections To Great Communication: Hope Marketing

Hope marketing is when you do little or no marketing and ‘hope’ it works, ‘hope’ people will show up, ‘hope’ the result is not an epic fail. When we buy into the excuses like ‘we don’t have time’ or ‘people’s attention spans are too short’ we basically throw our hands up and employ ‘hope marketing’.


Doing the minimum and ‘hoping’ it will work is crazy! Now sure, sometimes we get lucky, but 90% of the time we don’t, it doesn’t work. ‘Hoping’ is just plain laziness and says that you really don’t believe the thing being communicated is all that important. but you and I both know that nothing is more important than changing lives for eternity.