Dramatically Improve Your Church’s Communications In 2015

There’s a new year on the horizon and that’s the time when we all start thinking about what we want to do different this next time around. As a church leader that often means trying to figure out ways to improve across the board – how to increase attendance, giving, volunteerism, discipleship, overall buy in, etc…

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You can try and attack these things individually OR you can address the one issue that affects EVERYTHING in your church all at once – communication.

But let’s face it, communication is no easy puzzle to solve. Where do I start? What do I do first? When do I find the time? These and a million other questions pop up and more often than not we get overwhelmed so we put it off and end up doing nothing. Which is what we did this last year. And we weren’t happy with those results.

We’ve all heard about the definition of insanity – doing the same thing and expecting different results. So if you’re tired of the same old results and you’re ready to do something different, then lean in close, because I’m going to tell you the fastest, easiest and most effective way to dramatically improve your church’s communications in 2015.

The answer is video announcements! There are a million reasons why video announcements are so awesome, but let me just give you the top 6:

  1. They are new. Just doing something – anything – different in the announcements department will automatically raise the level of attention your people give to it.
  2. They are super engaging and easy to watch. When done right video announcements are high energy, they get right to the point, and they engage multiple learning styles by incorporating video, music, graphics, text, and voice all at once.
  3. They speak your people’s language. The language of today, the gold standard of communication currency, is video. Don’t believe me, just check out these stats on the power and impact of video.
  4. They enable you to easily and consistently populate ALL of your communication platforms at once. You can use them live in your services. You can put them on screens throughout your facility. You can put them right on the home page of your website. You can put them on your Facebook and Twitter feeds. And you can email them to your entire congregation.
  5. They are easy to keep fresh. By using different spokespeople, different graphics, different music, different placement in the service, you can keep people on their toes, always giving them something fresh and new to watch week to week.
  6. They help you to implement a system that enables you to plan further ahead which means better lead times on your events which translates to less stress, more creativity, better planning, and better response from your people.

So now I’ve got you all fired up about doing video announcements but how are you going to get them done? That’s easy – you need to use VideoAnnouncements.TV. We started VATV three years ago in response to the growing number of churches that needed a partner to help them take their communication to the next level. We’ve worked with hundreds of churches across north america and we would love to help you too. CLICK HERE to check out VideoAnnouncements.TV and let us help you dramatically improve your church’s communications in 2015.  Act fast because to be ready to go the first Sunday in January, you need to sign up by this Friday, December 5th, and space is limited.