The Top 10 Communication Voices I Follow

And Why You Should Be Following Them Too

Church staffers are constantly asking me who they should be following for great content about communication. It’s an easy answer – I simply check out my Twitter list ‘Communication’.

communication experts

I learn something every single day from these folks about communication. Strategy. Principles. How to. Coaching. Social media. Video. Writing. Speaking. Email. CRM. Relationships. This list only scratches the surface,  but it is a great place to start. 

These aren’t in any particular order, but as a group these would have to be my top 10 resources when it comes to communication.

  1. Phil Cooke – I often think of Phil as the church communicators connection to the outside world. He brings a very global perspective to communication and the church and how it all fits together. He’s written several books, speaks internationally, and has produced creative media for ministries around the world. He’s also really insightful and often very funny. You can follow Phil on Twitter at @PhilCooke and check out his blog at
  2. Church Marketing Sucks – These guys have been talking about church communication longer than almost anyone and do a great job. Because most of the contributors are true practitioners, they cover a lot of ground, give some super practical advice, and are always calendar aware. A great site for the church communications person in the trenches to get some real world advice and encouragement. You can follow them on Twitter at @CMSucks and check out the blog at
  3. Phil Bowdle – Phil is the Creative Arts Pastor at Westridge Church in ATL. One of the things I love about Phil is that he gets the ‘why’ behind communication, meaning he understands that it must constantly be measured for effectiveness and adjusted/tweaked to remain relevant and effective. He consistently puts out tremendous content. You can follow Phil on Twitter at @PhilBowdle and check out his blog at
  4. Dave Shrein – Dave is a long time church communications guy who has now taken that experience and expertise into the world of entrepreneurship and business. He now works in both worlds, putting out great content on his blog at, as well as writing for other blogs like You can follow Dave on Twitter at @DaveShrein.
  5. Brady Shearer – Brady is my Canadian brother from another mother! We share a passion for communications, both run video announcement outsourcing companies, both blog and love to real-time-tweet about sports. Brady brings a wealth of knowledge about church communication to the table through his blog, podcast and social media. You can follow Brady on Twitter at @BradyShearer and check out all of his other resources at
  6. Justin Trapp – Justin has been a friend for several years since we met at a conference in ATL. Not only does he put out some great info about communications in general, but Justin’s real strength are the practical tools and resources that he is constantly creating to help the church communicate better. You can follow Justin on Twitter at @JustinTrapp and check out his stuff at
  7. SocMediaChurch & Nils Smith – These guys are the kings of anything and everything related to your church online. Social media. Websites. Apps. A lot of great content for the tech savvy communications directors who are really looking to take things to the highest level. You can follow them on Twitter at @SocMediaChurch and @NilsSmith. Check out their blog, podcast and other great resources at SocialMedia.Church.
  8. ChurchJuice – These guys are a wealth of information about all things communication with a special emphasis on branding and marketing. They have some great free resources and have their finger on the pulse of new trends. You can follow them on Twitter at @ChurchJuice. Check out their blog and free resources at
  9. Tim Peters – Tim is a great guy out of Texas who has a real heart for the church. He is a tremendous resource for all things communication and has done a great job putting together online events about communication and creativity including the upcoming FLOW conference. You can follow Tim on Twitter at @TimRPeters. Check out his blog and other resources at
  10. Michael Hyatt – Don’t know how it could be possible that you’re not already soaking up every ounce of juicy goodness coming from Michael, but just in case you’ve been living under a rock, he’s the man. His content is not church or even communication focused, but he still puts out a wealth of knowledge on how to communicate better – writing, blogging, social media, you name it. You can follow Michael on Twitter at @MichaelHyatt. Check out his amazing blog and resources at

These are only my top 10. I have tons of others that I will share with you later. In the meantime, when it comes to communication, who are some of the best voices you follow? I’d love to hear from you via Twitter at @MarkClement. Hit me up and let me know who you are learning from?