4 Reasons You MUST Include Your People In Your Strategy

And Their Takeaways When You Do

When churches approach me about communication coaching, more often than not they are focused on the how – and that’s ok because how is crucial. How do we communicate to our people effectively? How do we use our tools like video, email, social media, etc….? How do we decide what to communicate and when? All good.

Hand drawing a game strategy with white chalk on a blackboard.

(Sidebar, looking at this image, I am SO JONESING for football right now. Fall can’t get here soon enough :-) )

And I love to talk about that stuff. Huge part of what we do. But HOW is irrelevant if your WHAT isn’t on target. The first question has to be WHAT do we need/want to communicate? If one of your top 3 answers isn’t strategy, then you’ve got a problem, and you desperately need to keep reading.

How To Make – And Stick With – Big Decisions

It Communicates More Than You Know

When you are the leader of an organization all the biggest decisions rest on your shoulders. But often times we overlook the fact that the WAY we make decisions and how we FOLLOW UP on them are just as important as the decision itself.


How many times have you found yourself on the defensive about a decision you have made for your organization? Here’s an even better question: how often have you found yourself in this position over a seemingly insignificant decision? Either way, the reasons for this are almost always tied back to communication. I see this issue way more than I should when I’m doing communication consulting and nothing can derail your momentum faster. So allow me to give you some practical tips on how to make – and stick with – big decisions. 

Big Event Coaching Video

6 Things You MUST Do To Guarantee Success Now And In The Future

With Easter just a few weeks away, I wanted to release this Big Event Coaching Video. Until now it was only for my clients and high level subscribers, but I wanted to take this opportunity to put it out there FOR FREE and make it available to every single pastor and church staff. Easter is too big of a deal not to put every bit of effort into it to make sure it is a moment you can grow through and grow from.

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In this video I go over 6 KEY THINGS that you absolutely MUST DO to guarantee success now and in the future. Don’t be like 99% of churches – you’re better than that. In this quick video I cover 6 things including:

  1. Know WHAT you’re doing and WHY
  2. Decide up front how you will DEFINE SUCCESS
  3. Don’t let the TAIL WAG THE DOG
  4. DATA IS POWER, so how are you going to collect it and evaluate it
  5. How will you FOLLOW UP with all your guests, you must have a plan in place before the event
  6. DEBRIEF with your team so you can make adjustments and do even better next time

CLICK HERE to access the video. There is also an audio only version if you’d rather have that.

The Top 10 Communication Voices I Follow

And Why You Should Be Following Them Too

Church staffers are constantly asking me who they should be following for great content about communication. It’s an easy answer – I simply check out my Twitter list ‘Communication’.

communication experts

I learn something every single day from these folks about communication. Strategy. Principles. How to. Coaching. Social media. Video. Writing. Speaking. Email. CRM. Relationships. This list only scratches the surface,  but it is a great place to start. 

3 Things You Can Do Today To Increase Attendance This Sunday

How To Use Social Media For Real World Results

Do you ever find yourself reviewing the numbers from last Sunday and experiencing that feeling of helplessness? Where is everyone? What do I have to do to get people to show up? It can be very frustrating.

Flat design modern vector illustration concept of website google  analytics and SEO data analysis using modern electronic and mobile devices. Isolated on grey background

There is no one size fits all answer on how to increase attendance. But I would love to give you 3 really simple ideas that might help you start to make a dent in the attendance challenge.