GREAT Christmas Video Idea

You'll Be Doing One Of These Next Year!

Christmas is over and we won’t be thinking about it again for at least 10 more months. But a friend of mine at a church in Kentucky (@SouthlandCC) shared this and it was too good to sit on until next November.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.32.35 PM

So take a peak, file it away, and enjoy the peace of knowing you’ve got next Christmas’ big video idea in the bag. Because let’s face it, you’re going to be ripping this off. I know I will.

I LOVED this idea because it checks all the boxes for a great video – it’s funny – it’s sweet – it’s got kids – and it’s simple. Check it out:

How To Make A Great ‘End Of The Year’ Video

7 Super Simple Tips

The end of 2015 is upon us, a great time to reflect on and celebrate all that God has done in our church over the last year and to cast vision for the next. And nothing says ‘celebration’ and ‘vision’ like passing out a paper report. Am I right?


Of course not! Paper ends up in the trash. But video ends up in our memory. And on our website. And on our Facebook, and Twitter and Instagram pages where we can watch it over and over again. And share it.  So video is a no-brainer. But how do we make it great? Super simple.

New Work From Our Big Picture Media Team

All Work And No Play

Hey everyone! The last few months have been crazy busy with new clients, partnerships, travel and networking. I haven’t been able to give the blog my regular focus and I apologize for that. Sometimes the tyranny of the urgent takes over and you just have to put your head down and get some stuff done. That means other things sometimes have to stay on the shelf. But we’ve had some amazing experiences and have learned some great things that we can’t wait to share with you.

video production

One of the upsides is that our team has had some incredible opportunities to produce some really creative stuff and I want to share some of that with you today. 

How To Deal With The Ashley Madison Situation

Life Beyond Betrayal

There’s a good chance that someone you know, maybe even someone in your church has been affected by the recent situation where millions of broken people have been exposed through the leak of the Ashley Madison subscribers list.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.55.11 PM

The challenge for many in the Christian community is what do we do about it? How do we handle this? What do we say? It’s a tough situation to be sure, but I’m very excited to share two amazing resources with you that can help you and your church cope. 

The Art Of Planning Ahead

How To Get Out Of The Weeds

If your church or organization isn’t planning ahead at least 6-8 weeks at all times, you’re already behind. How’s that for an opening line?

Looking through binoculars

For most of you who are reading this right now, you know I’m talking to you. If your calendar, your life, your schedule, your teams feel like complete chaos and stress, the likely culprit is a lack of planning. And as the leader, that is 100% your fault. So what can you do about it?